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3 Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

There’s nothing better than enjoying a sunny day in the garden, reading a book, sewing, or baking bread.

This TikTok trend is the modern interpretation of simple living in the European countryside. With its inspiration stemming back to the 18th century, this delicate and hyper-feminine style has become one of the most popular aesthetics of today. It features a naturalistic color palette, citing much of its fashion inspiration from the Regency and Edwardian periods, especially in its fabrics and silhouettes.

1. Flowy Dresses

Longer and loose-fitting dresses are a staple of the cottagecore aesthetic. Soft and delicate, they are reminiscent of the romanticization of the Regency, Victorian, and Art Nouveau periods. This includes neutral shades, cinched-in waists, flowing silhouettes, and dainty patterns.

Depending on your aesthetic, you may wish to emulate a faerie from the early 20th century – try a champagne or porcelain tulle gown with puff sleeves and a full skirt to encapsulate a forest feeling. If the 1975 film, Picnic at Hanging Rock, is more your style, opt for a simple white dress with a high neckline and mutton sleeves. Add a satin or leather belt to your waist and dark shoes for an authentic touch, or swap them out for a cute pair of mules. Whether you’re reading a novel among sunflowers or baking up a storm, you will look the part.

2. Maxi Skirts

A more casual alternative to the flowy dress is a maxi skirt. Its versatility allows you to swap different blouses for various events, seasons, and personal tastes. Cottagecore will typically feature white or cream skirts that hit below the knee to the ankle – in summer, you can add a neutral cropped blouse or wrap top to maintain the overall aesthetic.

Of course, you can always step outside the box and choose a pastel or neutral color, such as rose or sage. They work well with a myriad of shades and can be worn almost anywhere. Finish the look with Mary Janes, Victorian lace-up boots, or a pair of delicate flats – it’s the perfect finishing touch to a lovely ensemble.

3. Natural Tones

To capture the aesthetic to its truest form, you should make sure you feature clothing that is faded or neutral in color. As this aesthetic centers around the romanticization of living on a farm or in the countryside, you’ll want to appear as if you have spent hours in the sun, sewing and remaining self-sufficient, all while looking stunning, of course.

Soft shades like butter yellow, sage green, powder blue, or rose-pink are the most common and often feature alongside white and eggshell. Mix and match hues together for a more authentic feel, and keep the fibers as natural as possible for a more sustainable and genuine impression.