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3 Stunning Pink Aesthetic Ideas

Pink color has experienced a rollercoaster journey in popularity over the years.

Originally considered a ‘boy’ color, it has most commonly been associated with hyper-feminine and girly aesthetics. It has also undergone major criticism, often tied to a ‘mean girl’ or ‘dumb blonde’ trope. However, it has since undergone a radical transformation, reclaimed by people who wish to celebrate its beauty. Today, pink holds no gender and doesn’t stick to the status quo, so why should you? Whether you enjoy monochrome ensembles, you love the ’80s, or you want to unleash your inner Regina George, there is something here sure to inspire.

1. Hot Neon Pink

Making a statement is easy when you’re wearing something as bold as hot pink. This bright shade is eye-catching, fun, and an excellent way to brighten up your wardrobe. Put a modern twist on a classic pair of trousers and turtleneck, both in the vibrant neon shade – break up the color with your favorite white or blue heels. Complementary hues for this ensemble include blue and green, however, don’t be afraid to try a ‘fashion faux pas’ like red or purple. This will add complexity and depth to an already exciting outfit.

2. Dusty Pink

Exude elegance and sophistication in a dusty pink ensemble. This soft and subtle hue is loved by many, thanks to its versatility. For a high fashion feel, wear a matching set of silk or satin pajamas and add a belted blazer in a matching tone. Finish it off with a pair of killer nude heels, and a shoulder bag. Another great way to showcase this palette is by mixing and matching complementary shades into the outfit. It’s a wonderful option to wear at the office, dinner with friends, or in a mini photoshoot for your Instagram. Who knows, this may be your new go-to getup.

3. Soft Pastel Pink

Nothing says ‘delicate’ quite like pastels. The soft and buttery undertones of this pink make for the perfect spring or summer outfit, and there are many different ways that you can style it. Cardigans, polo necks, and button-down shirts all look incredible in this light shade, and you can interchange them with different silhouettes on the bottom for a versatile look. A pair of wide-leg jeans and a bucket hat will provide major Y2K aesthetics in more casual settings. However, if you are heading out to a concert, a late-night event, or you want to feel fancy, try your hand at something monochrome.